Mirus Harvest Software

Maximum Harvest Performance

Achieving unsurpassed harvest performance has never been easier than with HarvestMaster’s Mirus data collection software. Combine operators will appreciate having multiple ways to view their data through easy-to-access harvest screens and menus. Designed for use with Windows® laptops and tablets, its user interface features finger-friendly icons and easy-to-navigate menus. Mirus is the perfect software companion for industry standard HarvestMaster™ GrainGages®. Download the Mirus Harvest Software Data Sheet.

Simple and Efficient Workflow

Mirus gives operators the tools they need in one package. Importing and generating maps, collecting harvest data, and exporting finished data is all handled conveniently in the software. Calibration for weight, moisture, and test weight are easily completed with calibaration wizards.

Loads of Data at Your Finger Tips

Mirus is configured to show four separate information screens simultaneously during harvest. If you need to run
a diagnostics check, look no further than the screen you are currently viewing for quick access, even while in harvest mode. For optimal productivity, data can be viewed graphically and spatially at the same time.

Enhanced Note Taking Features

Crucial harvest notes can now be taken from the combine without the need to put a crew on the ground to collect the data. Prior to harvesting the plot, a Combine Observation screen will open to record data. Mirus also provides operators with an easy way to enter a Quick-Note on collected data, alerting researchers to examine the data for potential problems.


Mirus Combine Observation


Mirus Spatial Data





Minimum System Requirements

• Hardware: HarvestMaster™ GrainGage® HM800 Series
• Operating System: Laptops and tablets; Windows® XP, 7 or 8
• Processor Speed: 2.0Ghz
• Memory: 512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
• Data Storage: 320MB
• Display Resolution: 800x600 or higher



Mirus Quad View


Mirus Diagnostics