Maintain GrainGage Pneumatic Air Prep

16 May 2022


At the end of each harvest day, drain the Pneumatic Air Prep (Regulator, PN 15450).

1. Twist open the drain located on the bottom of the Pneumatic Air Prep (Regulator).
2. Let the collected fluid drain out.
3. Twist the drain closed.

Occassionally, you may need to make adjustments to the Pneumatic Air Prep (Regulator) to ensure your GrainGage continues to run smoothly.

Adjust Air Pressure to 75 PSI

  1. Pull the gray cap/dial up revealing the orange beneath.
  2. Turn the dial counterclockwise to lower the pressure or clockwise to raise the pressure until the gauge show 75 PSI.
  3. Press the dial down. 

Disconnect the Air Pressure

  1. Turn the dark orange dial clockwise one quarter of a turn.
  2. Notice the air pressure gauge drop to zero.
  3. To restore the pressure, turn the dark orange dial back (one quarter counter clockwise turn).