Errors on Power Up with Mirus

15 Jun 2016


"CAN errors detected. Ensure terminators are present." Or similar error message.



The errors are caused by turning the power to the console ON before plugging the USB cable into the tablet. Another cause is the tablet is not turned on and booted to the Windows desktop before the console is powered on.



To prevent these errors from occurring, follow the proper power up procedure:

  1. Connect the USB cable to the tablet.
  2. Boot the tablet to the Windows desktop.
  3. Turn ON the power to the console.
  4. Open Mirus.


Additional Troubleshooting Steps:

Please follow the outlined steps:

  1. The next time you receive this error message, go immediately to the “Health” diagnostic screen.
  2. Are there “Error Counts” on any of the three modules listed? If there are, is the number of errors counting down towards zero? If so, then watch the errors go to zero and then make sure the errors never go in the positive direction.

You should see a screen similar to this:


If the errors stay at zero, there is a good chance that the “CAN ERRORS” you are experiencing have to do with the power up sequence. Mirus was designed to buffer CAN ERRORS and then notify the user when these errors exceed a certain threshold. This is a feature that was added to the software with Mirus 3.1 and later. The most common cause of CAN ERRORS is powering the console ON before connecting the USB cable to the tablet (or the console is turned on before the tablet). To prevent these errors from occurring on power up, be sure to connect the USB cable to the tablet and boot the tablet to the Windows desktop before turning the power to the console ON.

Important Note

If, at any time, errors occur while in Mirus or anytime during harvest on an HM800 GrainGage, you should check to ensure a CAN terminator is inserted into one of the 4-ports of the two splitter boxes (one located by HM800 console and one by the located inside the weigh system). These CAN terminators look like a rubber plug that is about 3-5 cm long. The other three ports should have a CAN cable attached. Make sure each of these cables are connected securely. All the connectors have a ¼ turn lock collar on them too. After plugging the cables into the mating connector, turn this collar clockwise ¼ turn until you feel it lock into place.