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Field Research Software (FRS) is a comprehensive, Windows-based solution for field data collection on experimental trials. The FRS solution is designed to fit a variety of field computing methods commonly used by researchers. Choose the FRS solution that best fits your needs.

  • FRS Mobile – Windows mobile data collection solution for collecting field observations on experimental trials, includes FRS Suite Manager for simple installation of programs and export of collected data. Not compatible with FRS Harvest Modules
  • FRS V2. NoteTaking for Harvest – Electronic note taking software for integration with all HarvestMaster Plot Harvest Systems and FRS Harvest Modules. Also used for collecting field observations using the Allegro CX or Allegro MX
  • FRS DataLink – Manages the interface between your research management software and data collected with FRS in the field

FRS Mobile

Function: Note Taking
Device Platform: Windows Mobile device


FRS Mobile is the fully mobile data collection solution for research note taking on experimental field trials. FRS Mobile features a new user interface that brings the modern mobile iPhone-like experience to FRS. FRS Mobile features easy to view screens with color coded functionality, and a finger friendly user experience via large buttons, quick scrolling lists, and easy to use navigation. FRS Mobile is designed to run on Windows Mobile® devices such as the rugged Allegro MX or Archer Field PC.

Use FRS Mobile to quickly and accurately prepare, collect, and report plot observations. FRS Mobile simplifies your workflow process for field plot observations. Replace traditional data collection methods that depend on vulnerable paper notebooks and costly data transcription. Using FRS Mobile, you can accomplish your work faster with greater accuracy, plus its fun! FRS Mobile is ideal for research in turf grass, crop science, plant breeding, horticulture, soil science, forestry, and other disciplines.

FRS V2 Note Taking with Harvest Modules

Function: Note Taking and Harvest
Device Platform: Allegro MX or Allegro CX


FRS Note Taking with optional Harvest Modules is targeted to plant breeding researchers doing seed research trials with plot harvest data systems. FRS Note Taking is used to collect observations on field research plots, nurseries, greenhouses, and other application with a plot grid layout. FRS is designed for the ultra-rugged Allegro MX or Allegro CX Field PC.

FRS Harvest is a an add-on module to FRS Note Taking. FRS Harvest manages the plot harvest data collection process in conjunction with the HarvestMaster GrainGages. FRS Harvest works with Classic, Single High Capacity and Twin High Capacity GrainGages.

During the plot harvest process, FRS allows you to bring field map identifiers from your research management programs into FRS. During harvest, run FRS on a mobile handheld to record grain moisture and weight for each plot according to the selected navigation pattern. Send harvest data back to the PC and export it to a CSV file format for use with your research management software.

FRS DataLink

Function: Interface to Research Analysis Software. Manages the FRS field map database.
Device Platform: Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7


DataLink manages the interface between your research management software and data collection process in the field. DataLink is a PC based utility that manages the FRS database and provides easy interface to research management software. It is an integral of the FRS Mobile or FRS NoteTaking. Use DataLink to:

  • Import CSV file from research management software into FRS database
  • Send FRS database to the mobile device
  • Receive FRS database after data collection from the mobile device
  • Export CSV file for use with research management software
  • Backup and restore your FRS database
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