At Juniper Systems, we are dedicated to providing
first-rate products and excellent support. We are continually joining with business partners who are enthusiastic to market and sell our products. Become a partner with us.

intuitive field computing for rugged applications

Partner Benefits

Sales Account Manager

Dedicated sales account manager assigned to offer sales related assistance and an efficient communication channel.

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Service Account Manager

Excellent, personalized product support. Dedicated service technician assists with product support issues.

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Cooperative Marketing

Cooperative marketing efforts including advertising, mailings, literature creation, etc.

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Website Tools

Juniper Resouces webpage provides current marketing materials (photographs, product literature, etc.)

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Regular newsletters contain information about products, services, incentives, etc.


If you are interested in discussing partner options with us, please email our sales department:, or call us at 435-753-1881.


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