HarvestMaster's New H2 GrainGage™ for Ag Research Now Shipping

April 2015

H2 GrainGage Shipping

Logan, Utah – HarvestMaster’s new H2 High Capacity GrainGage is now shipping. Designed to collect data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples, the H2 GrainGage offers enhanced efficiency and data accuracy for agricultural field researchers.

Available for both single and split-plot combines, the H2 GrainGage features advanced technology to provide superior data accuracy, enhanced efficiency, and reduced maintenance for users. The system utilizes patented slope and motion sensors to minimize data errors due to combine movement and ground slope. This way, the H2 may continue to collect high-accuracy data without the operator needing to stop the combine.

The H2 also features a new, streamlined design, with a new weighing system that can collect test weight, moisture, and plot weight measurements simultaneously, drastically reducing cycle time. The H2’s design is based in part on HarvestMaster’s industry-proven Classic GrainGage, which helps move grain cleanly in and out of the chambers, further improving data accuracy and reducing maintenance.

“With the new advancements in the H2 GrainGage, field researchers can collect more accurate data in less time,” said Allen Wilson, HarvestMaster’s Market Manager. “HarvestMaster engineers have worked hard to incorporate these benefits into the new design, and we are very pleased with the results. We’re excited to be shipping the H2 and to have customers experience the difference for themselves.”

Visit HarvestMaster’s website at http://bit.ly/1D3Mwt5 to learn more about the H2 GrainGage. To place an order, contact HarvestMaster online or by phone at 435.753.1881.

About HarvestMaster:

With offices in Logan, UT, Kansas City, MO, and Wels, Austria, HarvestMaster has been a long-time leader in innovative data collection technologies for agriculture research. HarvestMaster’s Plot Harvest Data System and GrainGage products are industry-leading on-combine grain measurement systems, and its powerful, Windows-based harvest software, Mirus™, offers enhanced productivity and data accuracy by providing advanced diagnostic tools for data validation, highly detailed plot information, and data trend analysis on the fly.

HarvestMaster also provides data collection tools, designed and manufactured by Juniper Systems, which offer superior ruggedness and reliability in extreme environments. This product line includes the Allegro 2™ Rugged Handheld, Archer 2™ Rugged Handheld, and Mesa® Rugged Notepad.



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